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Culinary Adventures

With Chef Bongo

The Experience

With Chef Bongo

Executive Chef Victor Bongo will take you on a culinary adventure allowing you to enjoy a private and lavish dinner in the comfort of your own home with exclusive servers.  He will create his signature global fusion dishes using fresh, organic, exotic ingredients with a focus on local food; sourced the day of the event.  Join in this culinary adventure from the beautiful depths of the Congo to a Parisian paradise. Your senses will be stimulated through great flavours, textures and color. This is your opportunity to allow one of Canada’s Top 10 Chefs mesmerize you with a magical combination of flavours in addition to a myriad of cooking techniques that Chef Bongo uses to bring his dishes to life.  Your Culinary Adventure with Chef Bongo will allow you to have a global safari of a minimum of six original creations by Chef Bongo with or without wine pairing.



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